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*hehe* For a little while, at least. I'm online at the library, will be till about 4:30 my time (6:30 eastern), so if you want to catch me on instant messenger, now's the time. I'm hoping to catch some peoples online, and I'm going to do a bit of the f-list spamming I promised a while ago. I start with post of random!

*grin* Me having access to Boys laptop for several hours is DANGEROUS to anyone who has me on their f-list, when I’ve been deprived of ability to post much of anything for a longass time.

-My lips are insanely (and amusingly) chapped, because of the insane dryness of the heat out here. Even though this gives me a readily available chewtoy (I like to chew on things when I’m nervous/thinking/upset/any variety of good and/or bad things), it is also not good, because I keep accidentally winding myself up with bleeding lips. Oops. 

-I find it both exasperating and amusing that after a mere day of not showering, barely 24 hours, I have sweated so much that I have gone through three changes of clothing, and my hair is greasy as it only has ever been after 3 days between showers. And yes, when I had no hot water for three months, I did go three days between showers. I didn’t go anywhere, I could tolerate it, and gods I hated cold showers

-Starbucks is made of win. The coffee isn’t the greatest quality, but it *is* tasty enough (mah iced mocha is NOM), and gives me caffeine to not only get home without falling asleep and thus dying, but enough to not need a nap and to be able to get a lot of stuff done. Including this post, going to the library, and sewing buttons on the harem pants that Dani is borrowing from me for Friday night. 

-I think of far too many things when I’m awake enough to do so. This is not always a good thing. XD

-Is it bad that yesterday, when I saw the sign for a bait shop, the first image that popped into my head was one of a load of naked people with price tags on them? 

-Fetish Friday. Pirates. Witch’s Brew. Singing with Boys, or just listening to them sing. WHEE! I am going to have a very hard time not buying any of the toys that will be advertised…

-There is a riding stable-one that does regular trail rides-within 20 minutes of my house, and the horses are GORGEOUS. This is, quite frankly, awesome. I wonder if they need stall cleaning help? I might be able to get free rides…. 

-I adore the fact that I can go “hmm. I want a new garment.” and can just go to my set of shelves, think for about fifteen minutes, and then walk out to the living room (where I have a serger and Dani’s sewing machine set up), and end up with the base for the garment an hour later. I have come up with those harem pants I mentioned this way. And I have an identical pair in a different fabric in the works.

-We have a butcher out here. A butcher. That has both meats and seafoods. The name of which is “Sir Loins”. How frickin awesome is that? In order for a butcher to survive in this day and age, they HAVE to be good-otherwise people’ll say “fuck it” and get their meats somewhere else. Like, a grocery store. This is just awesome. Our planned “we survived moving halfway across the country and are now stable” dinner are big fat juicy angus steaks. I am buying them from the butcher. *dances* 

-Vacuuming the carpet is very, very interesting when one doesn’t own a vacuum. I finally couldn’t stand the junk on the carpet (the fabric I cut for my hip and headscarves yesterday had junk all over it when I picked it up, that was the last straw), so I “vacuumed”. Ie, I swept the carpet. With a broom. Yeah, its screwy, but it gets the surface junk off the carpet. I can’t wait till we have a vacuum.

-As I said, I am going to spam your f-lists today. I will likely make a damned good attempt to keep up with posting and flist-checking for another week or so, but after that I will be working, and I’ll poof again for the most part till we manage to get the internets at home.

.......alright, so I'm in a strange and goofy mood, so shoot me. :-P I don't get goofy often, luckily. ^_^
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