Sep. 12th, 2008

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So, I for some reason decided it was a good idea to write down anything of interest today at the time it happened, as soon as I was able. This has resulted in....6 notebook pages, back and front. So,'ve been warned, its fucking long. But some bits might be either entertaining or interesting, who knows? I don't actually remember what I wrote.

4:27 am: I have, at this point, but one snooze alarm, after "waking up". I say that with quotes, because have you lot ever had one of those nights when your body gets great sleep but YOU get jack squat? Yup, had another of those last night. Oh yes, and my body only had 4 hours, so even though it was great body sleep, there wasn't much of it. At all.

But at this time, I jolted awake from my ramblings NOT by MY alarm, a nice unobtrusive vibrating alarm that wakes me up and gets me to do what it needs to without waking anyone else up and without me getting pissy, but by my downstairs neighbor's alarm. Which was a song in the style of bad 40's western-romance musical-movie score, sung by some tenor with a far too overvibrato'd voice. GREAT.

4:35 am:


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