Dec. 23rd, 2008

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I am, when the paid subscription runs out on this journal, not going to be re-instating it on this one. I'm going to be making a new journal, and it will be moved to that one. Reasoning for this? This journal was made when I was in a previous stage in my life. One which I don't like thinking about, and which isn't me anymore. It's been used the most throughout the (rather annoying) stage of "who teh fuck am I o yah dats who", and I like to think that, for the most part, my identity-confusion phase is over-and that my work now is, mostly, to learn how to deal with it. That's not to say that there's nothing more for me to learn of myself, that's stupid-there always is. However. This is regardless. The name, and the use, for this specific journal don't fit me anymore, and it's holding me back in many ways-therefore, replacement.

I am going to remove most of the folks on my f-list from this journal, aside from a select few-maybe I will scroll through my archive and make some of my entries public, maybe not. I'd prefer to keep my reasoning for whom I keep and who I don't to myself, as it's really varied. Please don't ask. I won't answer.

If you are keen on continuing to have me on your f-list, please feel more than free to add me, and I will most likely do the same (if I hadn't already). I'll be re-tooling my filters as well, so of course there will be a filters post that I'll re-ask folks to look through, when they've the time.

Another note-this new one will be far more system-oriented. It will not be MY journal, it will be ours. All three of ours, Alyssa, James, and I-and anyone else that I may or may not acquire. If you cannot/will not deal with this-my multiplicity, how it has come to exist, and/or the fact that this second journal will be more oriented to it-or if you are uncomfortable, either do not freind me, or if you want to friend me despite that-please inform me of this. That way I can attempt to make it more tolerable for you.

I don't have a username yet, I haven't made the account yet-I will edit this post when I do. You'll be able to see it even after the new account is created; this is a public post for that reason.

Also, as I know it's a common question (for me), for some, this wasn't triggered by anyone or anything, not that I'm aware of. Might it have been? Yeah, it might have been, but no drama or problems or wangst or anything else, has done so. It's just happened.

*edit* Username is [ profile] vrisanfra . I didn't have time for anything but the userpics-the rest of the finagling of it-profile, style, filters, f-listing, etc-will have to wait until after work. However, username. You haz it.


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