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Ugh. Alright. Some Rules of Rachel.

One: If you make a plainly stated rule that you don't go along with and don't follow it, don't bitch when no one else does. This goes for everything to belongings, to territory/personal space, to non-material shit, and everything and the kitchen sink.
Two: If I trust you enough to rant or angst to you, that generally equals I will not get upset with you if you don't want to listen to me. And that you are fine with dealing with me if you deal with me. Ask me to shut up if you want me to shut up, and unless you're the one I'm pissed at (in which case thats fighting, not ranting), I probably will.

Three: If you have a problem with me, tell me to my face ASAP so it can be worked through. Don't rant about me on a public site. Especially don't rant about me on a public site and then never mention there were issues to begin with. Communication. It is a good thing. At least make an effort, even if you fail.

Four: If you have higher or lower standards than me in something and it so happens to create a problem, be prepared to cooperate with me to find middle ground. Bottling and dealing with little-to-no change doesn't count. Be prepared for me to be less willing to put in effort if you don't pull as close to your part of the weight as is humanly possible.

Five: Respect my privacy. If I want it, you get one fair inquiry and one "are you sure". But if I say no, back off. Unless I have expressly stated exceptions. Anything else is looking to cause problems.

Six: Conversations are confidential unless stated otherwise, or unless the topic is one that I've given permission to be free with. Especially conversations that I reinforce with "keep this confidential." The writings of mine that are not open to the public, if you have access to them, count here too.

Okie dokey. Rules of Rachel. I think they're fairly reasonable, and I expect them followed. People aren't perfect, they screw up. So I won't get too annoyed unless its happened a lot. Except for the blog one. Thats what private journals are for. I will be angry.

And I follow the same rules with people I associate with to the utmost of my ability. If I screw up, I'm either unable to be better, am oblivious to the fact I'm screwing up, or am simply human and not perfect. Also-these are subject to additions if I think more need added. These haven't changed since last summer, really, aside from becoming more coherent, so I don't they will anytime soon.
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