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2008-12-23 09:54 am
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{General} Replacement journal.

I am, when the paid subscription runs out on this journal, not going to be re-instating it on this one. I'm going to be making a new journal, and it will be moved to that one. Reasoning for this? This journal was made when I was in a previous stage in my life. One which I don't like thinking about, and which isn't me anymore. It's been used the most throughout the (rather annoying) stage of "who teh fuck am I o yah dats who", and I like to think that, for the most part, my identity-confusion phase is over-and that my work now is, mostly, to learn how to deal with it. That's not to say that there's nothing more for me to learn of myself, that's stupid-there always is. However. This is regardless. The name, and the use, for this specific journal don't fit me anymore, and it's holding me back in many ways-therefore, replacement.

I am going to remove most of the folks on my f-list from this journal, aside from a select few-maybe I will scroll through my archive and make some of my entries public, maybe not. I'd prefer to keep my reasoning for whom I keep and who I don't to myself, as it's really varied. Please don't ask. I won't answer.

If you are keen on continuing to have me on your f-list, please feel more than free to add me, and I will most likely do the same (if I hadn't already). I'll be re-tooling my filters as well, so of course there will be a filters post that I'll re-ask folks to look through, when they've the time.

Another note-this new one will be far more system-oriented. It will not be MY journal, it will be ours. All three of ours, Alyssa, James, and I-and anyone else that I may or may not acquire. If you cannot/will not deal with this-my multiplicity, how it has come to exist, and/or the fact that this second journal will be more oriented to it-or if you are uncomfortable, either do not freind me, or if you want to friend me despite that-please inform me of this. That way I can attempt to make it more tolerable for you.

I don't have a username yet, I haven't made the account yet-I will edit this post when I do. You'll be able to see it even after the new account is created; this is a public post for that reason.

Also, as I know it's a common question (for me), for some, this wasn't triggered by anyone or anything, not that I'm aware of. Might it have been? Yeah, it might have been, but no drama or problems or wangst or anything else, has done so. It's just happened.

*edit* Username is [ profile] vrisanfra . I didn't have time for anything but the userpics-the rest of the finagling of it-profile, style, filters, f-listing, etc-will have to wait until after work. However, username. You haz it.
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2008-09-18 04:28 pm

{General} Hair.

[ profile] gesigewigus , you are MADE of blow and win! My hair has not been this healthy and yayful since it was last henna'd. (I used a Dani-gift of Kholesterol last night). All I need to do now is get the ends trimmed and even, and I'm set for not having to deal with my hair being fucked up anymore. XD

Also: Dani just dyed her hair blue last night. Well, streaks of it. It was a rather hilarious process. Both of us got high on the bleachfumes, and drove Gaarik up the wall, and then I got to listen to entertaining eep noises as she put in the blue, until she came into my bedroom and asked for help with the roots. *giggles* It was GREAT. I loved it. Turned out to be MORE than worth un-hermiting for. XD

And her hair looks fucking AWESOME. There's like..five different shades of blue, and then there's the hennared, and then there's the select few strands of bleach that didn't get dyed blue, so those accent the red AND the blue. It looks fucking AWESOME. Awesome enough that I am very much debating putting something of the same sort in my head. Though I'm thinking a dark purple. Also, I'm not going to be putting chunks on top of my head, that doesn't feel right as "me". *grin* I would very much love to put a couple interestingly placed bits around the lower half of my hairline. Maybe one or chunks on the sides under my ears. That would be spiffy. *grin* The end result will be dark brown, with random purple underneath, with bright copper and teeny streaks of purple on the top. WHEE MULTICOLORED HAIR!!! *amused* If I can do it without bleaching my hair, wonderful, but if I can't....oh well. gesigewigus exposed me to hair cholesterol, so I may be able to pull off healthyish hair, even though my hair fries so goddamned easily. XD

Although, this DOES mean that I'll have to save a bit more before I can buy the hairstuff....I want to do it all at once....

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2008-09-12 06:25 pm

{Work} First post in this filter is post of fucking DOOM. Omg.

So, I for some reason decided it was a good idea to write down anything of interest today at the time it happened, as soon as I was able. This has resulted in....6 notebook pages, back and front. So,'ve been warned, its fucking long. But some bits might be either entertaining or interesting, who knows? I don't actually remember what I wrote.

4:27 am: I have, at this point, but one snooze alarm, after "waking up". I say that with quotes, because have you lot ever had one of those nights when your body gets great sleep but YOU get jack squat? Yup, had another of those last night. Oh yes, and my body only had 4 hours, so even though it was great body sleep, there wasn't much of it. At all.

But at this time, I jolted awake from my ramblings NOT by MY alarm, a nice unobtrusive vibrating alarm that wakes me up and gets me to do what it needs to without waking anyone else up and without me getting pissy, but by my downstairs neighbor's alarm. Which was a song in the style of bad 40's western-romance musical-movie score, sung by some tenor with a far too overvibrato'd voice. GREAT.

4:35 am:

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2008-09-10 11:04 pm

{General} So, second new filter as of late.

Seeing as I have seemed to acquire several since my last post, I am making another filterpost. Again. You don't need to reply to this one unless you want ones you think you might not have, btw. Fair warning, though, I reserve the right to say no to adding you if I'm not comfy with it. 

Also, if you ended up taken off of one that you were on, it's probably due to comfort levels. If you want to know why or want back on it, though, please let me know. PM is preferable. Thanks~

So, repeating my disclaimer: My journal's friends only. This is partly due to the fact that I have no idea what people want to read (and have a penchant for not commenting and letting me know *gives everyone a look*), and partly due to the fact that based on the topic, I am varying levels of protective over my writings and who sees them. So, I make up an (increasingly complex) system of filters.
All of my filters and explanations of such in here. Please, pleasepleaseplease, if you are on my f-list, read and comment to this. Otherwise, you're going to have a sudden lack of writings from me.  )
Also, as an afternote: If you comment here, I'll let you know what filters you're on, except for my Trusted, UITLO, House Of Matter, and Household filters. If you're on the first three, you'll find out soon enough. And the third one is not having anyone aside from the roommates added, so it doesn't completely count.

Please, PLEASE comment here if you are reading this, even if it's just to say "I'm good, thanks", because otherwise I won't have a freaking clue what to put you on. I really hate having to go "Ok, well this person didn't comment, so maybe they'd like this one, and crap, they might like this one or they might go "wtbf?!?!", so maybe not.....". It sucks. Please let me know what you want here. And if you say "I don't care, whatever you like", be prepared to get more than you bargained for.

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2008-08-28 03:56 am
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Writer's Block: Spirits

[Error: unknown template qotd]Cause it's four in the morning and I have not yet made with teh sleeps. Dumb Rachel.

My  mother's house had 3 resident spirits, who decided to follow me for a time when I went to Maple Heights. Dunno if they count as ghosts, but.

Does that answer the question? No? Too bad. O:-P
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2008-07-17 01:59 pm

{General} I come out of hiding! Bwahaha!

*hehe* For a little while, at least. I'm online at the library, will be till about 4:30 my time (6:30 eastern), so if you want to catch me on instant messenger, now's the time. I'm hoping to catch some peoples online, and I'm going to do a bit of the f-list spamming I promised a while ago. I start with post of random!

.......alright, so I'm in a strange and goofy mood, so shoot me. :-P I don't get goofy often, luckily. ^_^
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2008-05-27 04:50 pm
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{General} *hysterical laughter*

Ohgods. I had shut off the Wii and everything, but this was just so good that I had to turn it back on to share.

I exploded an egg in the microwave.

I kid you not. I put a bowl of water with six eggs in it in the microwave to hard boil. 10 minutes was not enough to boil 7 eggs properly last night, so I thought what the hell? and put the 6 in for 14 minutes. Which somehow seemed better than 15.

I start washing dishes to stall for time, and I hear a pop. I squeal, turn around. I open the microwave to see bits of yolk and white dangling from random bits of the inside of the microwave (happening to be in the perfect shape, moisture content, and consistancy as to look exactly like freshly-squirted semen), and the intact 2/3rds of the exploded egg perched innocently on top of the other five as if on a throne, one little spiral of bubbles twirling up as one minute point of the egg continues boiling. I can almost imagine it twiddling its thumbs and whistling, blinking up at me with a maliciously innocent little "Whut?" as I gawped at it.

I had to grab the counter to support my laughing self. This is almost as bad as when I got milkshake over half the kitchen.
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2008-05-20 06:23 pm
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{General} Musics.

-The Call, Regina Spektor

Hollywood's Not America, Ferras

-This Is Home, Switchfoot

Watch these. I'd embed them, but I couldn't get the code to agree with me for the first, and the second didn't have an embed code. They're lovely songs (even if the first doesn't have an actual video and is just audio), and I've gotten them stuck in my head. Which is good, for the moment. ^^
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2008-05-19 05:20 pm
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{General} I need something with calligraphy that isn't a bottle of nailpolish.

Well, I'm looking for newspaper to make a pattern right now, but since I don't think I have any and wont be able to fix that for a little while, I thought I'd put this up again.

I am in a writing spasm yet again. If any of you are curious about anything of me, or wanting an explanation or elaboration or defintion of something or another, please feel free to ask and I'll write out a response. I honestly don't mind *what* the subject is or how "deep" it might be. I'm more curious, really, at what responses might be made, if there are any. I know some of you prefer my answers in person and/or conversation. ^^

Oh, and what I've got planned/started:

-My past and belonging
-my definition of "love"
-a dictionary of elemental and color correspondences
-what cat is, for me
-a past request on elf (which may potentially spill over to other kinstuffs)
-commitment, loss, and the fear of both
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2008-04-24 07:52 am
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{General} Because everyone else is. Drat you, you trendsetters!

Your Slogan Should Be

Rachel - Delightfully Tacky, yet Unrefined

The Slogan Generator

I am amused. So very amused. That is all.
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2008-04-14 11:55 pm
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{General} Stolen from gaarik, coldironkiss, and cianlegion. :-P

One. Word. Answers.
One word, and one word only. No hyphenated cheats. ONE. WORD. ONLY.


Not as easy as you might think. Remember: one word answers.
1. Where is your mobile phone? *points*
2. Your significant other? Unconcious
3. Your hair? Pretty
4. Your mother? Chardon
5. Your father? Connecticut
6. Your favorite thing? Numerous
7. Your dream last night? Sex
8. Your favorite drink? Which?
9. Your dream/goal? Two
10. The room you're in? Common
11. Your ex? *shrug*
12. Your fear? feared
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? dunno
14. Where were you last night? Here
15. What you're not? Normal
16. Muffins? Moist
17. One of your wish list items? Stability
18. Where you grew up? Erie
19. The last thing you did? Spoke
20. What are you wearing? Clothing
21. Your TV? Stacy's
22. Your pets? Dead
23. Your computer? Stacy's
24. Your life? Eh
25. Your mood? chaotic
26. Missing someone? *sadface*
27. Your car? Cerrid
28. Something you're not wearing? Makeup
29. Favorite Store? Uncertain
30. Your summer? Hot
31. Like someone? YESH
32. Your favorite color? Three
33. When is the last time you laughed? Denny's
34. Last time you cried? Recently

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2008-03-17 09:15 pm
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{General} This one actually interests me. Therefore I do it.

I theft this from Moonvoice. It intrigues me, even though I don't normally get meme replies (they are, after all, only memes).

If you were able to spend one night with me, what 5 things would you want to do? (They don't have to be sexual.)

Then repost this in your journal (if you like) and see what people want to do with you!

*edit* comments'll be screened, unless you tell me you don't mind if they're not. :-)
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2008-01-16 09:24 pm
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{General} Well then.

Well, apparantly my journal has been not putting up my entries in my friends' friend's lists. They are now, Dani and I (or Alyssa, rather) got that figured out.

Apparantly it was due to my foward-dating my filters post. So...yeah, I'll just have to periodically re-do it. Or something. 

In the meantime, if you care to see what I've been posting since I made said filters post, take a read. Cause yeah. Had no idea. And I've definitely been posting. ^^
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2008-01-16 09:06 pm
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{General} Filters post, take two

 I think I may actually start a filters post of my own. I don't have a giant friendslist, but its steadily growing and my posts are getting more and more difficult to choose filters for. So. Here, have a filters list to choose from. There's probably more than I need, but. 

To start off with, my journal's friends only, as most if not all of you already know. Its half because I jealously guard my privacy, and half because I have no idea what people do or don't want to read. So.

Sexuality/Relationships: Self explanatory. My sexuality and romantic-relationshipstuffs. The sexualitystuffs could be a bit blunt, fair warning. Its also likely that a lot of this will have a great deal of emotion with it, and possible irrationality. I'll warn you in each post if I detect it, but even so, you've been warned.

Theriantropy, Otherkin, Multiplicity: I am both otherkin and a therian. I am an elf, and I am horse and cat. If you wish for a psychological explanation, I identify very strongly with them. However, my personal belief is that soul/spirit-wise, I *am* them, an elf, cat, and horse in a human body. These'll be my ramblings and ponderings about my kin-ness and my animalselves, as I call them. The posts strictly about multiplicity will be labeled here too, though its woven in to all my posts. I have dealings with a few multiples, and I have a headmate myself named Shadow. And...anyone got a good definition for multiplicity so that I can explain it in a nutshell?

Past Lives and such: Self explanatory. The posts and ramblings about my past lives, which contain my ponderings and also memories. I'm somewhat protective of these, I don't share past life memories with those I'm not secure enough with and/or who were there.

Dreams, Religion, Paganystuffs: My dreams, dealings with Gods and Goddesses (in particular the Morrighan), and similar things. It can dabble mildly into weirdshit. If you're not openminded about religion, you might not like those particular posts.

Weirdshit: How in the hell do I define Well. My mystic/magick/metaphysic dealings, I suppose? Does anyone have a better definition? I'm not sure. I'd recommend you have an open mind if you ask for this, some of the stuff can at times be hard to swallow if you're not expecting it. My insecurities and shadowwork and such will go under here, as will small bits of my training, I think. Unless you request that I have a filter of its own for that, if it makes you uncomfortable, Gaarik? I'm neutral with that, dun mind either way, and, well, you have a say. *edit* Cool, he's fine enough with those bits. No separate filter. ^^. 

Trusted: The posts that are left to my most trusted people only, whom I know well enough and feel safe enough with to make myself thoroughly uncomfortable and vulnerable and potentially unsafe with. Its my tightest filter. And sometimes-though rarely, granted-the posts get changed to private. If you're not on it now I won't add you, but feel free to ask if you're newly friended anyway.

World/Life views: Mine can be a bit-and sometimes more than a bit-against the norm sometimes, but these'll be my opinions on life, and my world views, as the title says.

and finally,

Emotion/Family: These'll be my little ranty posts. Depressed, pissed off, snarky, angsty, what have you. Wangst will probably filter under here too, though angst and wangst don't have a huge difference to me. These will likely be VERY emotion-filled and VERY irrational. Most of my family posts (except for the spasmodic my-family-isn't-all-shit ones) will end up here, because my home life is shit. And by vast probability, not exactly the funnest things to read. But hey, who knows. Some people might go nuts and want to.

Self-work: As I've started to go through and re-filter my posts...yeah, I think this one needs to be added, because there's a lot of writings I do analyzing myself, in non-weirdshit ways, and they don't quite fit in anywhere else. I end up discovering a lot about myself in these posts. My insecurities and shadow-work will be under here too, I think, instead of Weirdshit where it had been.

Anything else'll probably go under a general friends only post, as anything else I have to say about myself I a) don't think many people will have issues with hearing, and/or b) don't mind telling people about. Humor and Bipolar, for instance. Or it gets spread out amongst so many of my filters that there's just no point in making it its own. So. There, have a filter post. Its probably about time, with as much writing as I do.

Feel free to ask for whatever filters you want. I won't eat you for asking, even if I don't add you to all of them. And keep in mind, if you don't comment to this, you're getting added where I think you'll fit, and if you dun like what you read, well...its your own fault for not asking for specific filters. Heh.

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2008-01-16 03:40 pm
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{General} Wtf?

This is a public post to ask around and see if all of you who I have friended have been having the same problem makhsihed has, and not been able to see my entries for the past two weeks. Cause...yeah, its weird. 

So. If you do not comment, I will assume you have been seeing all my posts. Cause there have been many. If you have been MISSING my posts for the past couple weeks, comment here and let me know. Cause. Strange. And weirdlike.
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2008-01-16 01:19 am

{General} *gleeful evil cackle* ....because this is just too fitting....

THIS is the face of teh Rachel-horse. When stubborn. Or being called cute. Or being tickled. Or insert similar pouty-indignant-flustered-like situation here:

And this, THIS is what happens when you piss the Rachel-horse off: 

So fitting, n'est-ce pas?
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2008-01-12 08:33 pm
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{General} Contacts. Cross posted like whoa.

Hello, all.

Well, I suppose one of the things that did not survive the computer's re-vamping was my contacts list. I never got around to transferring the latter half of my contacts because I had the file on the computer. I are teh dumb. 

If your name starts with an "M" or after, I need your number again. Cause. Yeah. Dun have it anymore. 

And hell, if I never had your number and you want to give it to me, thats cool too. 

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2008-01-10 01:09 am
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{General} ....I fail.

Does anyone know of any good dream icons anywhere? And also a pissed off horse icon? And a good icon with both a horse and a cat in it in which the cat isn't a little cute kitten and in which it doesn't look all fantasy like? And a WTF?! icon that would fit me? And a pain and/or depression and/or insecurity icon that would also fit me? And a memories icon? And a calligraphy icon? And an intellectual-type-ish icon? Or if ones aren't known of, is willing to make them for me? Cause....yeah. I want those. And I fail. At finding or making them. >.> I have discovered that I have generally no icons to fit bad moods of any sort except for pissy. @.@ Oops.
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2008-01-07 05:16 pm
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{General} Oh yay, life is now much less stressful.

Spoke to my mother today. I'm safe. I got registered for my classes, and as it turns out this time "registered" actually *did* mean "registered", and not "everything else completed". So I have a place to live. Thank gods. The place still rather sucks, but its there.

I left a voicemail with my highschool to have transcripts sent to Lakeland with a note to call me back on my cell. I'm currently looking up what books I need, and I'm going to call and see if its too late in the day to find out what fees and supplies I need for the classes. 

The only annoyance now is with my job, and considering that I am being scheduled about 6 or 10 hours a week when I was told that it would be a minimum of 15, I am not happy and very much considering leaving that job as soon as I can find another. Mom suggested looking at the jobs Lakeland has. Its not a bad idea. I'll be peering around. I would love to be working no less than 20 hours a week.

I'll be getting carmonies within a couple days. I should have a car within a week, if all goes well and smoothly with getting it from Jem's dad. My dad called today asking for my sister, but gave me that information. He finally got the email from me of the contactstuffs for where to send. He said he put in "a little extra money" too, whatever that happens to mean. He was being pissy about the amount that I asked for (which was higher than either of us wanted), but when I told him that I have a $325 doctor bill left over from when I had to get to the hospital when I lived with Alex, as well as a $4700 doctor bill from when I ended up in the ER because of my dratted kidney earlier, he stopped being pissy and was rather worried. So who knows. Thats probably why he's sending more, though I dunno where its coming from and considering his cancer is starting up again I'm fidgity about him doing so.

 And the filters are coming nicely along. With the multitasking and all, its taking me a bit to be able to get them made, and it'll take me longer to get through all my past posts, but. They're coming. Yay organization. 

I'll be seeing the boys shortly, so I need to get off of here and shower and eat something, but all's settling into place. You all rock. I love you to pieces. Thanks again for putting up with my shit and helping me through it. Even though I probably didn't need it, when it comes down to it.