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[ profile] gesigewigus , you are MADE of blow and win! My hair has not been this healthy and yayful since it was last henna'd. (I used a Dani-gift of Kholesterol last night). All I need to do now is get the ends trimmed and even, and I'm set for not having to deal with my hair being fucked up anymore. XD

Also: Dani just dyed her hair blue last night. Well, streaks of it. It was a rather hilarious process. Both of us got high on the bleachfumes, and drove Gaarik up the wall, and then I got to listen to entertaining eep noises as she put in the blue, until she came into my bedroom and asked for help with the roots. *giggles* It was GREAT. I loved it. Turned out to be MORE than worth un-hermiting for. XD

And her hair looks fucking AWESOME. There's like..five different shades of blue, and then there's the hennared, and then there's the select few strands of bleach that didn't get dyed blue, so those accent the red AND the blue. It looks fucking AWESOME. Awesome enough that I am very much debating putting something of the same sort in my head. Though I'm thinking a dark purple. Also, I'm not going to be putting chunks on top of my head, that doesn't feel right as "me". *grin* I would very much love to put a couple interestingly placed bits around the lower half of my hairline. Maybe one or chunks on the sides under my ears. That would be spiffy. *grin* The end result will be dark brown, with random purple underneath, with bright copper and teeny streaks of purple on the top. WHEE MULTICOLORED HAIR!!! *amused* If I can do it without bleaching my hair, wonderful, but if I can't....oh well. gesigewigus exposed me to hair cholesterol, so I may be able to pull off healthyish hair, even though my hair fries so goddamned easily. XD

Although, this DOES mean that I'll have to save a bit more before I can buy the hairstuff....I want to do it all at once....

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I got one. A "kit", rather, which came with a pen and both black and sepia inks. Got burgundy and blue too, as well as a leatherbound journal with unruled parchment in it. It's meant to contain the writings that suck for anyone, including me, to read. It'll give me tengwar practice too, so. I'm happy with it, its enjoyable to use and it looks spiffy. I had forgotten how nice it is to write by hand though. *heh* I'll have black or blue or what have you fingertips though, I keep getting ink on them. Oops. 

*/random babble of the day* 
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 For those who care, I have made a myspace to give me something to do. If you want it, tis on the girl's friends page.

I should find myself an icon.
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Well, Lei has gotten herself a corset, and I have corset-lust, as well as boredom, so I post, and I gush, because, well, it *is* me, and as we all know I'm a costuming addict. And I ask opinions too, because I'm indecisive, despite the fact that I don't have an uberlarge friends list. haha. And I copy Dani's whathairstyleshouldIuse format, because it works well. And its simple, which none of my posts are. So. (by the way, the names of these corsets *so* amuse me. Haha.)
This one I quite adore, except for the fact that is incredibly underboned. 10. Less than half of the number I prefer to have. So, I dunno.
Simple (completely against how I normally am), but nice, and it has 22 bones. Could work for one of my designs as well.
I absolutely *adore* this one. Only problem, I don't have *that* many places to wear a leather buckled corset. Chamber and game, really. Hmm.

So, yes, there are my considerations. Opinionsopinions? 
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A Kamikaze Cardinal, that is. 

There is a cardinal, that has been perched on this tree outside my window, the one to the left of my computer, for a long time now. About a year, actually. And he's been divebombing it. Its an average of, oh, every 15 to 60 seconds or so that I hear a random *thump* and a flutter of red wings collecting themselves.

Confused the fuck out of me the first time I saw it. *thump* "*lifts head, confused* Hmm? .... *lowers head*" *thump* "*blinks* wtf?" *thump* "Uh....." *thump* "Alright, wtf is this? *goes to check, sees nothing* ...." *thump* "*happens to look up in time to see flurry of wings* Uh...did that cardinal just fly *into* the window? ....yes...yes it"

There are *some* bits about living here that amuse me. This is one. Teehee!


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