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Yes, I am squeeing. I has beads! Or, I will, I just bought them. ^______^ Mum gave me a gift certificate for $35 for them. So. Much yay. ^^"
Hematite seed beads
red glass seed beads
Copper seed-ish beads
Dark blue seed-ish beads
Glow in the Dark seed beads (yes, I bought glow in the dark seed beads *snerk*)
blackish seed-ish beads
purple seed-ish beads

I got loooots. *purrs* Next three'll be bright silver and gold metallic, and shiny peacock bluegreen beads. *grin* And sometime or another I need to figure out which of the other stone ones a) are good and b) I want.


Btw, I fail at this link thing. How the *hell* do I get links in there without getting the MASS AMOUNT OF TEXT that I have now?
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So. Dress designing. Again. This time, its one Im going to be making relatively soon.

Remember my grey dress that I beaded for assloads of time? Well, I'm redoing that pattern, but I'm altering it. The neckline's going to be lower, though still scooped. The top of the back of the dress will be slightly scooped as well. The sleeves'll come to a slight point over the back of the hand. I'm thinking about adding gores into the sides to make the skirt fuller, if I've enough fabric. I may or may not make an underskirt and hitch up the front of the dress. Dunno yet, depends on what I want to do with the material I have. And I'm planning on boning this one. Heavily, so I can cinch it. Christine, last I saw her, gave me a shelf-bin full of 1/4" spring steel boning. 

This stuff, while not insanely stiff, is strong enough to cinch with. And it just so happens that I have a grand total of 45 bones of one length that I was *not* able to use when I boned my shirt-tanktop-thing that will work perfectly for this. Those of you at Kimmy's party saw it. That one still needs work, the zipper hates me. Regardless, this one's going to be made to cinch in. When I first wore a corset, they sucked me in to about 22", after three tightenings. I could have handled another tightening or two and not felt it. I havent decided to what extent I'm planning on cinching this one, but be sure the seams won't burst it'll take reinforcing the top half of the dress, which, considering my mum has an abundance of muslin, shouldn't be all that hard. I'll simply put two or so layers of that stuff-boning sandwiched between-underneath the dress fabric. 

I've got to play with the pattern pieces a bit. It's going to require melding two different sizes and some line alterations, but that won't be that hard. And just cause I'm this big of a geek (and this bored), I think I'm going to go start that now. If I'm lucky I'll be able to cut out the muslin layers today. As soon as I have a sketch (or a picture, or whathaveyou), I'll put it up. However, for now you're just gonna have to deal with my costumer-language.
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Well, Lei has gotten herself a corset, and I have corset-lust, as well as boredom, so I post, and I gush, because, well, it *is* me, and as we all know I'm a costuming addict. And I ask opinions too, because I'm indecisive, despite the fact that I don't have an uberlarge friends list. haha. And I copy Dani's whathairstyleshouldIuse format, because it works well. And its simple, which none of my posts are. So. (by the way, the names of these corsets *so* amuse me. Haha.)
This one I quite adore, except for the fact that is incredibly underboned. 10. Less than half of the number I prefer to have. So, I dunno.
Simple (completely against how I normally am), but nice, and it has 22 bones. Could work for one of my designs as well.
I absolutely *adore* this one. Only problem, I don't have *that* many places to wear a leather buckled corset. Chamber and game, really. Hmm.

So, yes, there are my considerations. Opinionsopinions? 


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