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[Error: unknown template qotd]Cause it's four in the morning and I have not yet made with teh sleeps. Dumb Rachel.

My  mother's house had 3 resident spirits, who decided to follow me for a time when I went to Maple Heights. Dunno if they count as ghosts, but.

Does that answer the question? No? Too bad. O:-P
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Well, I'm looking for newspaper to make a pattern right now, but since I don't think I have any and wont be able to fix that for a little while, I thought I'd put this up again.

I am in a writing spasm yet again. If any of you are curious about anything of me, or wanting an explanation or elaboration or defintion of something or another, please feel free to ask and I'll write out a response. I honestly don't mind *what* the subject is or how "deep" it might be. I'm more curious, really, at what responses might be made, if there are any. I know some of you prefer my answers in person and/or conversation. ^^

Oh, and what I've got planned/started:

-My past and belonging
-my definition of "love"
-a dictionary of elemental and color correspondences
-what cat is, for me
-a past request on elf (which may potentially spill over to other kinstuffs)
-commitment, loss, and the fear of both
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I got one. A "kit", rather, which came with a pen and both black and sepia inks. Got burgundy and blue too, as well as a leatherbound journal with unruled parchment in it. It's meant to contain the writings that suck for anyone, including me, to read. It'll give me tengwar practice too, so. I'm happy with it, its enjoyable to use and it looks spiffy. I had forgotten how nice it is to write by hand though. *heh* I'll have black or blue or what have you fingertips though, I keep getting ink on them. Oops. 

*/random babble of the day* 


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