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Spoke to my mother today. I'm safe. I got registered for my classes, and as it turns out this time "registered" actually *did* mean "registered", and not "everything else completed". So I have a place to live. Thank gods. The place still rather sucks, but its there.

I left a voicemail with my highschool to have transcripts sent to Lakeland with a note to call me back on my cell. I'm currently looking up what books I need, and I'm going to call and see if its too late in the day to find out what fees and supplies I need for the classes. 

The only annoyance now is with my job, and considering that I am being scheduled about 6 or 10 hours a week when I was told that it would be a minimum of 15, I am not happy and very much considering leaving that job as soon as I can find another. Mom suggested looking at the jobs Lakeland has. Its not a bad idea. I'll be peering around. I would love to be working no less than 20 hours a week.

I'll be getting carmonies within a couple days. I should have a car within a week, if all goes well and smoothly with getting it from Jem's dad. My dad called today asking for my sister, but gave me that information. He finally got the email from me of the contactstuffs for where to send. He said he put in "a little extra money" too, whatever that happens to mean. He was being pissy about the amount that I asked for (which was higher than either of us wanted), but when I told him that I have a $325 doctor bill left over from when I had to get to the hospital when I lived with Alex, as well as a $4700 doctor bill from when I ended up in the ER because of my dratted kidney earlier, he stopped being pissy and was rather worried. So who knows. Thats probably why he's sending more, though I dunno where its coming from and considering his cancer is starting up again I'm fidgity about him doing so.

 And the filters are coming nicely along. With the multitasking and all, its taking me a bit to be able to get them made, and it'll take me longer to get through all my past posts, but. They're coming. Yay organization. 

I'll be seeing the boys shortly, so I need to get off of here and shower and eat something, but all's settling into place. You all rock. I love you to pieces. Thanks again for putting up with my shit and helping me through it. Even though I probably didn't need it, when it comes down to it.


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