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I theft this from Moonvoice. It intrigues me, even though I don't normally get meme replies (they are, after all, only memes).

If you were able to spend one night with me, what 5 things would you want to do? (They don't have to be sexual.)

Then repost this in your journal (if you like) and see what people want to do with you!

*edit* comments'll be screened, unless you tell me you don't mind if they're not. :-)
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Well, apparantly my journal has been not putting up my entries in my friends' friend's lists. They are now, Dani and I (or Alyssa, rather) got that figured out.

Apparantly it was due to my foward-dating my filters post. So...yeah, I'll just have to periodically re-do it. Or something. 

In the meantime, if you care to see what I've been posting since I made said filters post, take a read. Cause yeah. Had no idea. And I've definitely been posting. ^^
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Hello, all.

Well, I suppose one of the things that did not survive the computer's re-vamping was my contacts list. I never got around to transferring the latter half of my contacts because I had the file on the computer. I are teh dumb. 

If your name starts with an "M" or after, I need your number again. Cause. Yeah. Dun have it anymore. 

And hell, if I never had your number and you want to give it to me, thats cool too. 



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